Five Things That New Autism Parents Should Consider Part 2

The next thing a parent should consider is how are they doing personally. There is a reason that when you’re on airplane you are told that if anything is to go wrong that you are to put your oxygen mask on first and then help others. The same thing applies in this situation. There are…

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Five Things That New Autism Parents Should Consider Part 1

The news that your child has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder can be challenging, if not shocking, to new autism parents. Certainly there are different degrees of how this can impact a new autism parent based on the individual but one thing is for sure, the actions that new autism parents take are…

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Bruce Lee And The Autism Connection

Hello, Bryan here, today’s topic is an addition to my last blog, A Strong, Powerful Mindset.  You see, one of the key factors in so many parts of our life is mindset.  It will attract people to us or it will repel them.  It can pick you up on the snap of your fingers, literally,…

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A Strong, Powerful Mindset

Regardless where you are in your life with autism one thing is for sure, every day you are working with your child through all of the challenges that autism can bring.  In this video I discuss the 3 most important attributes for a strong, powerful mindset so you are ready for these challenges and more.…

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What The Autism Parent Academy Is All About

Hello, Bryan here from the Autism Parent Academy.  This ended up being the first blog topic for the launch of The Autism Parent Academy website.  With so many different websites out there claiming to do everything from nuts to soup that I wanted to make sure that people looking at this site understood what The…

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