Bruce Lee And The Autism Connection

Bruce Lee And The Autism Connection


Bryan here, today’s topic is an addition to my last blog, A Strong, Powerful Mindset.  You see, one of the key factors in so many parts of our life is mindset.  It will attract people to us or it will repel them.  It can pick you up on the snap of your fingers, literally, or can bring you to the depths of despair with only the tiniest sliver of doubt.  It can inspire the people around you or it can stop them dead in their tracks.  The crazy part of this is that it is entirely up to us as to which side of the coin we focus on.  It is also up to us on what mindset we choose to adopt in our life.  Now, don’t go mistaking this for “blind positive thinking”  or “wish manifestation” for a lack of better words.  If that is what you believe that your mindset should consist of you may want to reconsider that belief.  A strong, powerful mindset consists of “thought” rules that help guide you when you have the choice of what something means to you.  This is where the rubber hits the road because it affects your next action and decision.  This video series gives you a variety of things to consider when it comes to constructing your own mindset.

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There is another part to this video as well, I mention the legendary Bruce Lee, martial artist, philosopher and actor.  Most people only know Bruce Lee for his movies or because they may have seen his face on the cover of a magazine, even to this day, some 40+ years after his death.  But it is important to recognize that Bruce Lee’s legacy also included a life philosophy that transcends the martial arts and movies that Bruce was so well known for.  I have had the honour of training with many people that have come from the direct martial arts lineage of Bruce Lee, an art called Jeet Kune Do Concepts.  I attribute many of the lessons and strategies that I learned to making a huge difference in how my family and I approached autism and the intervention process.  We also continue to use these strategies in a many different parts of our life as well, but it all falls into our life with autism.

In the coming weeks I am going to be sharing a video series that I put together to help parents of children with autism with developing their own personal mindset.  These are some of the most influential “thought” rules that have impacted my life.  I am certain that they will make you put some deep thought to what actions you are currently taking with your autism intervention and how you might be able to strengthen your your mindset as you move forward.  I can guarantee that you won’t see this explained like this on any other site, in fact, you won’t see this on any other site related to autism.

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Until next time take care,

Bryan-your autism parent coach