What The Autism Parent Academy Is All About

What The Autism Parent Academy Is All About


Bryan here from the Autism Parent Academy.  This ended up being the first blog topic for the launch of The Autism Parent Academy website.  With so many different websites out there claiming to do everything from nuts to soup that I wanted to make sure that people looking at this site understood what The Autism Parent Academy is all about.

Well, it is not about replacing doctors, specialists, therapists or psychologists in any way.  Let’s face it, these people and their expertise are critical parts of the intervention process.  What is absolutely key is how we, as parents, optimize the value that these experts bring to the table.  For instance, you might see a doctor once a week for an hour.  Over the course of a year this is equivalent to working a long week with a little OT each night, at least it would be a “little” OT in my world.  If you are like me you will probably look at a week like that and wonder what you really accomplished.  Is this really enough time to make a significant difference in your child’s development?  Of course not, the only way that this kind of frequency works is if you know how to take the information that you have been given by these experts and do something with it.  That really is the key isn’t it.

It’s not about finding a cause or a reason why autism chose your child and family.  I mean, there is a part of us that wants to know how this happened.  That is a very natural response.  But the reality is that it doesn’t really matter.  I am not downplaying the impact that autism brings, I just think that it is important that parents realize that the most important thing at hand is what you can do for your child right now.  It is the action that you take, the goals you set, the processes and systems you build and the people you get to help you that really matters.  That is how you give your child the best possible opportunity to grow and develop to the absolute potential that their situation allows.

It’s not about finding a cure for your child’s autism.  Sure, that is every parents dream, for there to be some way that their child could overcome the barriers and filters of autism so that they could have every advantage that others have.  But we have to realize that although this may be a possibility in the future it is not a possibility right now.  I am not saying don’t be optimistic about this possibility but don’t waste anytime chasing this that you could be putting to good use with your child right now.  Keep your eye on the prize, which is having the greatest level of impact that you could on your child.  You won’t get that by focusing on something that you can’t achieve by yourself, especially if you don’t have the skills or knowledge of a neuro-scientist and an entire team of like minds behind you with the funding and facilities to carry on such research.

The Autism Parent Academy is about optimizing the intervention process by creating environments that allow for your child to have the opportunities that they need to develop.  This is a comprehensive view of the situation as it will take every little advantage that you can muster to get the best possible results.  This is about being a strong, loving parent and finding the time to commit to helping your child.

It is about building a strong foundation in your family unit, whatever that may look like.  It is about have access to the resources and support mechanisms that you need to build a stable life that allows for numerous development opportunities for all involved.  Be it you, your spouse, your children, your family or close friends.

It is about using concepts and best practices from the world that are proven in the achievement of goals and success.  The Autism Parent Academy is  a proponent of taking these successful strategies, tools and skills from any part of the world and from any discipline as long as it makes a difference in the development of your child.  Specifically, the world of business, personal development, success philosophies, team building and the martial arts, specifically Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do concepts.  Great teachers such as Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Napoleon Hills, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and the great parents that have already travelled down this path, are critical to success.  Adopting best practices and tools combined with taking massive, laser focused actions are the key to making a difference in your life with autism.

The Autism Parent Academy is committed to helping you build the foundation, the strategies, the tools and the skills to get the best possible results for your child and family.

If you have just received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism for your child and are not sure what to do next we can help!

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Until next time, have a great day and get the most out of the moment that you can.